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Rocco Ambrose

Sibok Rocco Ambrose

With 40 years experience in various Martial Arts and self-defense, Rocco Ambrose is currently the Inheritor and Sibok (Senior Instructor) in the Wing Chun Do system. Studying Wing Chun Do since 1982, teaching since 1988, Mr. Ambrose has been featured in Grandmaster James W. DeMile's book the Tao of Wing Chun Do and is featured on DeMile's video, Bruce Lee's One and Three Inch Power Punch. He serves as a Charter Board Member for Wing Chun Do International, headquartered in Rogue River, Oregon and as an instructor for DeMile Defensive Tactics. He has presented seminars on Wing Chun Do in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and is currently training Instructors for the WCD system.

He is the founder of Ambrose Personal Protection Programs, offering safety awareness programs with the community in mind, such as Stranger Smart, Campus Safe Walk for coeds, Second Sight Self Defense for the blind, Women's Self Defense Programs, Good Bystanders Bully Busters Program and more.

Ambrose is a freelance writer and has written articles for Inside Kung Fu magazine, Dearborn Press & Guide, and has written: Stranger Smart©, Anti-Abduction Skills Your Family's Security. He has been featured on radio, television, and in print promoting the benefits of Wing Chun Do.

To learn more about Rocco, please visit the WCD History Section / Rocco Ambrose.

Jeff Maletz Ambrose Academy

Sifu Jeff Maletz

Sifu Jeff Maletz has been a student of Sibok Ambrose since 1991, giving him 20 years in the Wing Chun Do Gung Fu system. He received his Black Sash in 1999 and is a senior student and instructor at Ambrose Academy certified as a Level II Instructor in Wing Chun Do. He also is an Assistant Instructor for children's classes and women's self defense courses at Ambrose Academy. Jeff is a great ambassador for WCD and Ambrose Academy. He is a community builder and excellent leader. He creates an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie in his classes. His daughter, Hailey has been a student since 2006, starting at the age of four and hopes to be an instructor like her father one day.

Paul Smith Ambrose Academy

Paul Smith

Paul Smith joined Ambrose Academy in 1996, giving him 17 years in Wing Chun Do Gung Fu. He has over 30 years of martial arts experience, with a background in a number of styles. Paul received his Black Sash in 2005 and is a senior student and instructor joining the Instructor-In-Training Program in 2006 and will soon be certified as a Basics Level I Instructor. He is also an Assistant Instructor for children's classes and women's self defense courses at Ambrose Academy. Paul's wife and four children also attend the school. In 2009, his wife, Donna, received her Black Sash, having the distinction of being the first woman to receive this rank in Wing Chun Do. Paul is also a Senior Instructor with Trusted Hands Judo, Inc. He is a generous and giving teacher and inspires his students to excellence, leading by example.

Liz Ambrose

Elizabeth Ambrose

Elizabeth Ambrose is the Program Director for the Children's Programs and runs all office operations. She has authored two books, The Secure Child© and The Mindful Parent –The Art of Pre-Framing©. She has been involved in Wing Chun Do since 1985, first attending classes in Monroe, Michigan under Sifu James Clark. After twenty years in the banking business, she joined her husband at Ambrose Academy as manager and program director. She is an assistant instructor for women's self defense and all the children's programs. She's been instructing children's classes at Ambrose Academy since 1998. In 2001, certified as Basics Children's Instructor. In 2003, she founded the Lil' Dragons program, ages 4-6. The program emphasis is on creating a positive, nurturing, and fun-filled environment, tailoring her program and teaching style to the needs and skills of each child in her classrooms.

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