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Turning Martial Art Into Martial Science

Ambrose Academy offers the unique modern martial art of Wing Chun Do the most dynamic fighting art taught in America today. Developed by Bruce Lee and defined by James DeMile, and taught by the Inheritor, Rocco Ambrose, WCD is a self-defense system designed for only one purpose, practical street defense. To ensure efficiency, all techniques are based on a set of clearly demonstrable body mechanics. Once you discover the effectiveness of the style, your confidence in your martial arts and in yourself will soar.

Wing Chun Do teaches you efficiency of simple, natural movement helping you develop extraordinary speed and awesome power. It offers you the best in practical self-defense along with a great learning experience. Techniques work regardless of your age, size, or physical condition. Techniques are proven effective against a variety of common street attacks, regardless of the opponent's size. Our focus is teaching every day citizens the safety and self-defense skills needed to fend off an attacker.

You will gain the confidence and ability to respond spontaneously and positively to a life-threatening situation. All this while gaining physical fitness and reducing stress in an exciting, creative environment. You'll experience a renewed sense of self-respect, discipline that will extend to other areas of your life, personal confidence in your abilities, and stress reduction knowing you can walk anywhere without fear.

Ambrose Academy's carefully formulated teaching system insures success in a relatively short time span. Sibok Rocco Ambrose, the highest ranking certified Wing Chun Do instructor in America, uses easy-to-learn, step-by-step instructional method with important emphasis on individual attention.

Adults finally find a martial art that makes sense, where logic and the development of technique are based on simplicity, efficiency, and practicality. Enjoy the science behind the art and learn practical application right from the start. You will be thrilled at your quickening reflexes, reaction time, stamina, and strength. Wing Chun Do will help you attain intensity and force beyond your expectations and significantly improve your power of concentration. The welcoming, grown up atmosphere is a breath of fresh air for those looking for a place of camaraderie and community, where egos are left at the door, and where our ultimate goal is your success.

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